Omnifocus – Search perspective

In Omnifocus I often need to search for items in my database. The search box is restricted to search only within the contexts or projects that are selected in the current perspective. However, I almost always have to search for actions that are not in the current view.

I now use a keyboard shortcut to immediately select my whole library and place the cursor in the search box, so I can start typing my search right a way. It uses Keyboard Maestro and the power of perspectives in Omnifocus.

First, I created a perspective in Omnifocus called “Search” in the projects view with the Library selected and the following focus values to include everything:

Then I created a Keyboard Maestro Macro that only runs within Omnifocus. It calls the perspective and places the cursor in the search bar:

I find it works more reliably with a time delay, but that may have to be adjusted for you.


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