Monthly Repeating Macros in Keyboard Maestro

I have some scripts that I want to run every month. So far I’ve been using Script Timer for this, but now I want to consolidate all of these repeating tasks in Keyboard Maestro. However, the scheduling trigger options for Keyboard Maestro only seem to enable weekly schedules at most.

I contacted the makers of Keyboard Maestro about this and Peter got back to me really quickly with a great solution: Create a daily repeating trigger but before running the action, just set up a condition that checks for the day of the month. The action will only execute if the condition is satisfied.

If you want to schedule something for the last day of the month, you can use DAY(TIME()+3600*24) = 1.

I’m only beginning to skim the surface of Keyboard Maestro. What a great app.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Repeating Macros in Keyboard Maestro

  1. Small correction for Keyboard Maestro 5.3: The “DAY” function requires all caps, so your command should read DAY()=5, not Day()=5. (Drove me crazy until I figured that out).

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